Shakeology review:

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shakeology review

With the advancements in food technology, food products that are rebranded and sold contain only the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed by the human body, thereby decreasing the necessity to binge on junk food. One such product is the super packed protein shake called the shakeology protein shake which claims to be a meal replacement to provide the daily dose of packed nutrition . It contains the necessary proteins, minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are vital to the proper functioning of the human body, maintain a healthy weight and also to boost the immune system.

Ingredients Used :

While most protein shakes are dull, lack any taste or kill the taste buds, the shakeology review states that the protein shake is actually surprisingly sweet. The main sweetening ingredient used is a product called Stevia which is a plant based compound. No artificial sweeteners are said to be used. Shakeology is produced with a bunch of healthy ingredients and certain liquids – the propriety Superfoods which include Amaranth, Flax, Chia, Brown Rice, Whey, Sacha Inchi and Pea. It is also said to be produced in a variety of flavours, the basic ones being Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

For those who are lactose intolerant or do not wish to use dairy products, whey or soy, the tropical strawberry and the chocolate vegan shakeology is available which is diary, whey and soy free. The propriety protein components for the shakeology review claims to help in building muscle mass, reducing cravings, improving skin and hair growth, and in attaining mental clarity.

The Beachbody shakeology review states that the product is sold in powder form which can be mixed with skim milk in order to drink it. It is said to contain 140 calories in a single scoop. A single sample packet for the shakeology product is said to contain 6 different types of flavours : Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, and for those who seek vegan shakes, the Chocolate Vegan and the Tropical Strawberry Vegan. The Whey protein used is said to be the highest grade of Whey available. The green tea ingredient used is said to be a herb powder which contains naturally occurring caffeine doses which cannot be removed owning to the fact that it is a whole herb.

Pros of Shakeology :

  •  The shakeology reviews state that it is loaded with proteins and fibres that which help satisfy the appetite, not just whet it.
  •  Helps in weight loss to attain the ideal weight and provides the required boost of energy.
  •  Helps curb the craving for junk food as it contains the nutrients which consider it as a complete meal plan, which can be eaten with or without fruits.

Cons of Shakeology :

  • It is very expensive and not easily affordable.
  • A lot of the shakeology reviews state that it is a complete waste of money and does not provide any visible result. Many have claimed it actually caused them to put on weight, feel bloated and even have low levels of energy throughout the day.
  • Thus the product has both the good and the bad and the only way to determine its authenticity is to actually use it to see the results.